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Moto Stunt Snow Blower 3D

Developer: Electronic Blizzard (Studio Des Arts )

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A MOTO STUNT SNOW BLOWER CHAMPION?Get on your motor stunt racer and make the crowd scream your name!In Moto Stunt Blower 3D you will have to make amazing stunts so you can earn the respect of your sponsors and crowd! Race through the stadium with your moto and finish your track as fast as you can, and maybe you will be the next Moto Stunt Snow Blower 3D champion!RACE, JUMP AND CRASH YOUR WAY THROUGH THE STUNT TRACKS!In this high speed racing adventure it’s all about time, can you compete against your racing rivals and become first on your moto bike, and be the best motor stunt racer? This is the chance to step up and prove that you are the best motor stunt racer! Plough the tracks like a snow blower, don’t stop for everyone this is your time to shine!
ENJOY THE MOST EXTREME MOTOR STUNT SIMULATOR ON GOOGLE PLAY!Addictive and crazy gameplay just minutes away! Play with 10 amazing moto bikes. to get all these motorcycle you must win races by doing epic stunts, with this you will earn money and you can buy all the motorbikes in the game for you enjoyment! Every moto bike has it’s own stats and really give you an edge in the driving snow blower style that you choose!
MULTIPLE MOTORCYCLE ARENAS FOR EPIC STUNTS! Of course Moto Stunt Bike Racer 3D doesn’t have just 1 map for you to stunt in. There are more than 10 maps in this motor stunt racer game. With very special motorcycle maps like Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Las Vegas for the championship rounds! Enjoy these very special snow blower maps! With these amazing graphics, realistic sounds and physics you will have hours of fun and excitement!
Moto Stunt Snow Blower 3D - Game features:- Awesome motorcycles to stunt with while playing these motor stunt game!- Big realistic 3D stadium to stunt in with your motor stunt racer- Many awesome and exciting level missions to practice your stunt skills!- Stunning 3D graphics so you will have a realistic racing simulator experience
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